Complete Diabetic Foot Care & Heel Spur Surgery

Located in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Associated Podiatrists offers a variety of services and treatments to help you maintain healthy feet. Our specialty is diabetic foot care, including treatment for diabetic wounds. This service is provided at United Hospital Wound Center. We also specialize in pediatric and senior citizen foot care.

Podiatric Services

At Associated Podiatrists, we understand the value of having pain-free feet and being able to complete day-to-day activities. We treat a range of foot conditions using all the latest methods of care. Our podiatrists are certified in heel spur surgery, which does not require you to be off your feet or use casts and crutches. Additional services include:

• Minor Office Procedures for Ingrown Toenails, Warts, Hammertoes, and Bone Spurs
• Outpatient Surgery for Bunions and Arthritic Joints
• Prescription Foot Supports for Heel, Arch, and Joint Pain

• Special Treatment for Thick Fungus Toenails
• New Shockwave Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Foot Conditions We Treat

Bunions — Swollen, Tender, and Misaligned Big Toe Joints
Flat Feet — Common Condition in Infants and Toddlers When the Arch Is Not Developed
Hammertoes — Deformity of the Toes Where the Toe Is Bent at the Middle Joint
Heel Spurs/Planter Fasciitis — an Inflammation on the Bottom of the Foot
Corns and Calluses — Layers of Dead Skin Caused by Constant Rubbing in a Shoe
Athlete's Feet — an Infection Caused by Various Types of Fungus
Ingrown Toenails — When the Corners of the Toenail Grows into the Sides of the Nail Bed
Shin Splints — Muscle or Tendon Inflammation
Stress Fractures — Incomplete Cracks in a Bone
Achilles Tendonitis — Overuse and Inflammation of the Tendon

Bare Foot - Heel Spur Surgery

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